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RGBVR Video Player Cardboard


1)What’s RGBVR PlayerSupport all vr video types, free and full features VR player app for cardboard.Support cinema mode, 180 degree, 360 degree mode and the vast majority of support for video, audio subtitle formats. We have a lot of test and adjust the parameters of VR, making most people have a good viewing experience in the process of viewing.2)Features 1. Most professional anti-distortion algorithm. The screen-distortion can be optimized automatically according to different mobile types.2. Support 180-degree panoramic video, 360-degree panoramic video, 3D and non-3D videos.  We offer three formats: common 2D, over/under 3D and side-by-side 3D, which also supports three decoding formats.3. Recognize automatically according to different video modes/formats.4. Support virtual 3D theater, attached with complete subtitles.5. Support 4K resolution.6. Support most video formats on the market, including rmvb, avi, mkv, mov, flv, 3gp, mp4 and etc. 7. More humanized design for user interface(UI). Add lock screen.8. Support a variety of storage devices (SD card, mobile memory card and etc.)9. Fully immersive experience through VR operations.10. Provide immersive experience by applying VR gaze-input. Support a new mode: non-VR mode.11. It can display all files stored on your phone. You can also view video history and download history.12. You can set FOV freely while it supports every kind of VR Glasses on the market.13. Support FTP download, LAN-connected play, offline play and online video.14. Various play modes are available (theater, 180-degree and 360-degree).15.Speed up retrieval for video files.
3)NotesThe srt file is used by the same video file name.Fox example, /storage/emulated/legacy/ /storage/emulated/legacy/movie.mp4
The VR Videos directory (/sdcard root path/VR Videos/) is a specialized storage directory for VR videos.You can put your vr movies into this directory.In VR mode Home, the first directory is placed to the first position.
We implement using flat, half spherical and spherical mapping to render panoramic videos.For 3D videos, top-bottom, bottom-top, left-right and right-left video support are implementsusing the following naming convention.
"_TB.mp4" Top/Bottom flat video"_BT.mp4" Bottom/Top flat video"_LR.mp4" Left/Right flat video"_RL.mp4" Right/Left flat video
"_180_TB.mp4" Top/Bottom 180° video"_180_BT.mp4" Bottom/Top 180° video"_180_LR.mp4" Left/Right 180° video"_180_RL.mp4" Right/Left 180° video
"_360_TB.mp4" Top/Bottom panoramic video"_360_BT.mp4" Bottom/Top panoramic video"_360_LR.mp4" Left/Right panoramic video"_360_RL.mp4" Right/Left panoramic video
4) Upcoming features- Support video online on-demand feature
5) Contact & Suggestions: Homepage: Email: Facebook: Thank you very much for your feedback!